Dem. Socialist Party?

Is it just me, or do party politics seem to get more and more unreal or generally idiotic?

I've been looking through "The Real News Network" ( as a source of some recent items of query and I found a video of how the Republicans plan to revise the name of the Democratic Party and change it to the Democratic Socialist Party.

Shall I repeat?


Now, I may not be the most politically sharp around the bend, but socialism, as far as I can recall is a stepping stone to communism, no?

Doesn't that lose some recognition to people? Don;t the Democrats want votes? Hell, I'm confused.

Then again, it's also the Republicans who speak about the revision, within the video you'll see the Republicans (as usual) make themselves look like the soggy biscuit in the bunch. But nonetheless, I still say that party politics are of NO help to our country anyway.

We don't need anymore bickering or name calling. Least of all do we need to spend more money.

This is why Anarchy and revolution appeal to me.

More at The Real News


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