Swine flu - - Cut the bullshit

So, I've heard you're worried? You're afraid? Oh yes, it makes sense, be very afraid. We are the government and you have to know about this! Look! Look! Over here! A virus! Oh, and we don't have a vaccine for it, so please start freaking out! Also, have this helpful pamphlet on how to NOT DIE.

What incredibly thick-skulled, lower generation, up-fucked little tweed is going to believe this? Hm? This may seem a bit rip-offish, but here we are facing obvious WMD's (Weapons of Mass Distraction) pulling our attention away from the real problems. Guess what! It worked, too!

We got afraid! We freaked out! We got distracted and now we're too focused on helping ourselves.

Heads up, shitfaces! This Swine flu, this H1N1 is NOTHING! It is a flu yes, but only rarely (VERY FUCKING RARELY) deadly. It may be infectious, but so few really actually have it! Look at this:

"3,352 Confirmed Cases in 45 States" CDC Website ()

So what ya gotta say? Lemme hear you! BULLSHIT!

Now forgive me if I'm naive or unpatriotic (isn't it our duty to question our government, though?), but can we just call this stupidity and get back to real matters? I mean the flu has only blown so high because of media coverage. Very extensive and detailed media coverage, I smell more shit as we walk on! This is absolute idiocy.

This may just be total rage, but hell, can you blame me if I want to get back to real matters like the economy? Or the falling businesses? It seems like the collapse of corporate/capitolist America is a bigger issue than catching a little flu!

Matthias out,

PS: stop watching TV newscasts


bT May 13, 2009 at 4:47 PM  

I'm gonna give you a copy of The Roots' Game Theory LP back from 2006. Not sure if you know them, but they are a very prominent Hip-Hop band from Philly. And this LP ill. Somewhat of a political album I'd say. The lyrics are heavy. I don't know, after reading this entry it just made me think of that album all of a sudden.

"False media...We don't need, do we...?"

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